About Us

Ole and Anka

We are Ole and Anka, we live on a small farm about 25 km from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. We have always had dogs, but it was when the first pug came into the house that we wanted to start breeding! It is such a wonderful little dog with lots of charm! When you've got a pug in the house, you just have to have more.
We started with puppies in 1999 on the pug.
We felt that we needed good material and provided us the most information about the breed. Where I want to thank Annie & Sverre Myren (Røysing's Kennel) for always having time to our many questions, and for the wonderful pug we have bought from them. We also had a litter co-owned with them! Lots of valuable experience that we will not be without.
Italian greyhound is the breed that I've always looked at, so now it was time to try! Words can not describe the wonderful beauty, that creeps deep inside the heart! So wonderful, so beautiful!!!

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